Maine Lighthouse Museum Book Signing and a Sweet Antique Yellow Car

maine lighthouse signing

There is something to be said about entering a building and feeling like you walked back in time. Museum’s always bring me that feeling. I get lost in different decades and what people had to do just to survive. The rustiest piece of equipment, or burnt out lighthouse light are screaming to tell its story. I was honored to spend the day at The Maine Lighthouse Museum in Rockland on Saturday. I shared the day with 10 other incredibly talented Maine authors at a book signing event.  I was lucky enough (you can see in the photo above) to sit by a sweet yellow car.  Now I am not a car person so I could not tell you what kind of car this was, but I can tell you it was beautiful!!! 

Saturday was Open Lighthouse day, many of our amazing lighthouses were open to the public. If anyone has a chance, take a step inside a lighthouse and listen to its story. I bet you will hear drama, mystery, romance and comedy all wrapped around that beacon of light that has always protected us  in the stormiest of seas.

When you visit the Maine Lighthouse Museum check out their amazing gift shop, they have added a bit of a “rainbow” to their shelves. You can now get your copy of The Rainbow Pants. : “Happy Yellow Pants” are worn today!!!


Back to school and a book signing at The Maine Lighthouse Museum

Maine lighthouse museum

September is one busy time of year!!! I am missing the lazy days of summer, reading a book on the back porch while the kids play in the tree fort. I think September comes in like a high speed train, What do you think? First football and soccer teams begin, then the boys Cub Scout den’s meet again, oh yeah and did I mention school is back in session.

This Saturday, I am honored to be invited to participate at a great fundraiser for The Maine Lighthouse Museum. There are going to be 11 authors throughout the day, in the beautiful coastal town of Rockland Maine, known as the “Jewel of the Maine Coast”.

 The Museum’s mission: “The Maine Lighthouse Museum is to educate the public regarding the long standing traditions, heroism and progress of America’s Lighthouse and Lifesaving services and the U.S. Coast Guard”. I am a bit partial since my husband was a proud serving member of the U.S. Coast Guard. The lighthouse museum is in the top 15 places to visit in Maine. Once you have been there you will see why!!!

This Saturday September 14th You can find us at the Maine Lighthouse Museum, one park drive,  Rockland, Maine. Love to see you there!!!