Husband’s, E.R. Visit, and Real Food


Have you ever heard the words: “I am sick of Hamburgers and Hot Dogs”. By the time the end of July roles around our family have seen their fair share of the popular grilling food. My hardworking husband, who works 12 hours shifts, had slipped in a comment, after a long day of work, that he would love to see “real food” again.

I took the hint, and after a day of football clinics for my boys and their friends. I decided to put some meat, vegetables, and potato’s into the crock pot. This way our whole house is not heated by the oven, since we are in a heat wave up here in Maine. Unfortunately, I did not have potato’s, but I did have canned potato (we use them when making hash browns). After my 20 year old can opener ,did not open the can all the way.  I made the decision to slam a spoon into the top of the can.  BAD IDEA!!!!

Up pops the 1/2 open metal can lid and stuck right into the side of my pinky finger. OUCH was the word that came out (since my kids were in the room). I tugged the lid out of my finger and realized I needed to get to the E.R.

But on the way to the E.R. I was able to stop by get a copy of THE RAINBOW PANTS to a business who will be promoting it for their back to school drive. Three stitches later and a new tetanus shot. I am on the mend, and most importantly my husband still got his “real food”, and I am able to wear my rainbow pants with pride, I certainly earned all of those feelings that day.