Day of the Dead Celebration

sugar skull rainbow

With Halloween just around the corner, I was hoping to find other customs and celebrations around the world that looked at this autumn/fall holiday in a different way.  Than as if my local library was talking to me, I happen upon a “Day of the Dead Celebration”.

The Orrington Public Library held it’s Day of the Dead, a little early: on October 29th.  It was different to think of death  in celebration and remembrance of our lost family and friends instead of the custom of Halloween where dead is to be feared.  Decorating sugar skulls, (see before picture above) which were made by our very talented librarian Audrey Snowden.  I think my kids skulls, in the end, looked like rainbow colored clowns,  but they had fun.  sugar skull

We were served Pan de Muertos – Day of the dead bread, it was a round, sweet bread with shapes on top which are suggestive of bones, sprinkled with sugar. Our drink was a very unique horchata, which was a Mexican rice milk , cinnamon, cream, vanilla and of course rice.

For my first experience with a Day of the Dead celebration it was super fun, educational and I can’t wait until next year to learn more!!!

sugar skull done