The Rainbow Pants blog was created to help inform the world about the Children’s book THE RAINBOW PANTS. A book about Peter T. Peacock, a young boy who chooses the color of his pants based on how he feels. One example is the day he feels grumpy and angry he chooses his red pants which just happen to match his red face.

The Rainbow Pants is a great read aloud book for adults and kids of all ages. It has proven to be an amazing book for teachers as well. Teaching colors, days of the week, feelings, first day of schools, and so much more.

The author of The Rainbow Pants is Kelly Brooks-Bay, a writer and mom from Maine. She has her masters degree from the University of Maine in Counselor Education. She has used this technique of using colors matching feelings when working with kids diagnosed with autism.

The illustrator of The Rainbow Pants is Lindsay Weirich, she is the owner and creator of The Frugal Crafter. She is a professional crafter with amazing creativity and talent. She also lives in Maine with her family.

The rainbow pants release


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  1. I would like to have this book to read to my students during the first week of school. We begin school on August 14, 2013. Would you please bless my sweet new students by signing your book and mailing us a copy? I would read it every year to my students to start our year off right:) I love the message of your unique book!
    I am a caring 4th grade teacher at Milton Elem./Middle School. Thank you for your consideration of blessing us with your needful story for all of us:) My school address is: Leslie Kee, Milton Elem./Middle School, 222 West Milton Ave., Milton, Louisiana, 70558.

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