It is time for The Rainbow Pants Contest !!!!

RP package

I have been so honored and overwhelmed by the wonderful well wishes on The Rainbow Pants that I wanted to send out a thank you. What better way then a contest!!! Starting today I want to see how many “likes” The Rainbow Pants gets on Facebook. Once we have reached 250 we will have one signed copy of The Rainbow Pants put into the Raffle Package!!! (PS we already have 226 likes)

Once we have received 275 “likes” on Facebook we will add some school supplies: like notebooks, pens, pencils, crayons, markers, and so much more. Every grouping of 25 likes we get.  We will add to the Raffle Package!!!

If we get 1000 “likes”  we will add a “surprise item”….So let’s go fans

This will go until August 15th!!! GOOD LUCK…Once we know what we have in the “Rainbow Pants Raffle Package” We will include a sign up sheet for all to include their name for a chance at the grand prize raffle!!!



Congratulations to William and Kate and your new baby…The Rainbow Pants would be a great book for the New Prince!!

RP book tower

So I admit I love the whole Royal Family thing. I think maybe it is because the manuscript I am working on, is all about Kings and Queens.  The time of knights protecting castles from dragons and evil witches.

I wish the Duke and Duchess William and Kate all the best with their new baby prince.

Just enjoy your time together and remember it is never to early to read bedtime stories.

The Rainbow Pants would be a great addition to your collection!!

The Rainbow Pants Book Trailer


Check out this amazing video made by The Rainbow Pants illustrator Lindsay Weirich.

She is also the amazing and talented author of The Frugal Crafter website.

 The Rainbow Pants was honored to have Lindsay bring Peter’s story to life in pictures.

High School Class Reunions & a “Rainbow Pants” Fan

RP fan

20 years seemed to go by really fast, or else it just seemed that way. I just celebrated my 20th class reunion with classmates and friends who look so much like they did…20 years ago!! Sure some of us are maybe a little bigger,shorter, taller,  maybe missing a little hair, but everyone looked great.  Most importantly the clique’s that were so important in high school, you know: the jocks, nerds, geeks, etc. just blended into one big group:  a great class of 1993!!  It reminded me of The Rainbow Pants, and how Peter mixed all of his colorful feelings into one great pair of pants.

Many of my classmates are very talented actors, teachers, bakers, speech pathologists, lawyers, business owners, and of course parents. I was grateful and honored to show my classmates The Rainbow Pants.  I get to end my weekend with a dear classmate sending me a photo of her sweet little son.  He woke up, and wanted to start his day with Peter T. Peacock, I am flattered…Thank you!!!

Husband’s, E.R. Visit, and Real Food


Have you ever heard the words: “I am sick of Hamburgers and Hot Dogs”. By the time the end of July roles around our family have seen their fair share of the popular grilling food. My hardworking husband, who works 12 hours shifts, had slipped in a comment, after a long day of work, that he would love to see “real food” again.

I took the hint, and after a day of football clinics for my boys and their friends. I decided to put some meat, vegetables, and potato’s into the crock pot. This way our whole house is not heated by the oven, since we are in a heat wave up here in Maine. Unfortunately, I did not have potato’s, but I did have canned potato (we use them when making hash browns). After my 20 year old can opener ,did not open the can all the way.  I made the decision to slam a spoon into the top of the can.  BAD IDEA!!!!

Up pops the 1/2 open metal can lid and stuck right into the side of my pinky finger. OUCH was the word that came out (since my kids were in the room). I tugged the lid out of my finger and realized I needed to get to the E.R.

But on the way to the E.R. I was able to stop by get a copy of THE RAINBOW PANTS to a business who will be promoting it for their back to school drive. Three stitches later and a new tetanus shot. I am on the mend, and most importantly my husband still got his “real food”, and I am able to wear my rainbow pants with pride, I certainly earned all of those feelings that day.

Can’t believe it’s Back to School time already!!


Is it me or does it seem like our summer speeds up after the Fourth of July? Well here at The Rainbow Pants, back to school shopping is already underway. While picking out their boxes of crayons, it was one of my son’s who said  “The Rainbow Pants, is a perfect book for going back to school”. I have to agree, a great book about the first day of school and the ever important question of “what will you wear”?

Why not add The Rainbow Pants book to your back to school list.

You can get a copy of The Rainbow Pants from the publisher

Maine Authors Publisher:  HERE

or at Amazon HERE

and Don’t forget The Rainbow Pants is on Facebook!!

The Rainbow Pants is on Amazon!!!


We are very excited to announce that you can now purchase The Rainbow Pants  on Amazon!!! Many people have asked how can they get a copy of Peter T. Peacock’s story? Now everyone in the world can read how Peter chooses his pants.

I would say today he is in his bright yellow pants!!

Check out The Rainbow Pants on Amazon!!

(We are also going to be adding a link directly to the publisher of The Rainbow Pants, so you can purchase it straight from them as well).